Paperboard Folding Cartons made in Chicago

Whether you need a short run of paperboard folding cartons, or larger, longer runs of paperboard folding cartons, Pulver Packaging is here to help you.

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PULVER PACKAGING truly is your best source for paperboard folding cartons. We start by providing you with structural design expertise to make your packaging unique. We then manufacture your folding cartons to the highest standards in quality, using the latest most technologically advanced equipment, quickly and at the lowest price possible. How do we do this? Being a 3rd generation converter with more than 60 years of experience, we have figured out the answer. Keep things simple and use lean manufacturing techniques. We've invested heavily in new equipment, and technology. We are also heavily invested in our employees and their future. This all adds up to high quality standards, fast turn around times, and low pricing.

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Paperboard folding cartons aren’t just boxes that get thrown into the trash. The folding carton is your product’s graphic representation on the retail shelf, and it gives consumers their first impression of the product. To create great packaging that sells your product, you need more than just a supplier, you need a partner like PULVER PACKAGING AND CONVERTING. We have the technology and equipment, but most importantly, we have the people that care about you and are willing to help you bring your vision to life. Since 1958 our goal has been to produce the best packaging possible at a fair and competitive price. Using state-of-the-art technology combined with a passion for our work, we partner with our customers in a wide range of industries from food and beverage to cosmetics and colognes. We help you create packaging that truly showcases your products.