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Eco Friendly Paperboard Packaging

You've made the right decision. Welcome to your best source for eco friendly paperboard folding cartons. At Pulver Packaging we are committed to sustainability and stewardship by providing you with the best solution for all your paperboard packaging and folding carton needs. Whether it be plain or printed 6 colors with soy based inks, we are your source.

It's Degrading Isn't It?

With all the chit chat and chatter about sustainability and stewardship in the world of packaging, we thought we'd set the record straight right here - right now. Paperboard packaging is the best, and quite frankly, the only choice for an environmentally friendly solution to your packaging needs. So just what is it that makes paperboard cartons so eco-friendly? It's degrading!

Paperboard Folding Cartons

Reverse Tuck, Automatic Bottom, Snap Lock Bottom, SBS, Clay Coated News Back, Soy Ink… Industry standard terms for Paperboard Folding Cartons. Tthe difference is we've been doing it since 1958. As a 3rd generation folding carton plant we have the knowledge to get it done right the first time, on time, and with you - our valued customer coming first.

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For three generations, Pulver Packaging has strived to become the most competitive, and consistent, manufacturer of quality paperboard packaging for a wide variety of industries. The major markets we serve are Food Industries, Cosmetics, Hardware, Household, and the Software industry. By investing in state of the art equipment, creating a friendly work environment, and having a customer first philosophy, Pulver Packaging has grown to be viewed as an industry leader by both our customers and our competitors. We invite you to become one of our
valued customers.

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Although our reputation has been built on service, and high quality standards, it is our customer first philosophy that truly separates us from rest of the industry. From the initial customer contact, the employees at Pulver Packaging are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. All facets of every department are harmonized to ensure each and every order is processed and filled to meet the exact specifications and time constraints of every customers requirements. Quality and service truly are important components of what makes Pulver Packaging the right choice for your packaging needs. So too is economy. Starting with efficient, state of the art manufacturing equipment, we are proud to have a pricing structure that allows us to be extremely competitive and flexible in the market place. Pulver Packaging has grown to a size where we can handle any of your paperboard packaging needs, yet still remain small enough to provide the best in customer service and satisfaction. We look forward to any and all opportunities to work with you and grow with you.

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